Property Address: Property ID: 1902923240005
2400 COMO AVE SE 55414
Issued Type Permit Status Value Applicant Cleared Total
04/30/2009 Commercial BLDG233640 Closed 189400.0000  VAITH CONSTRUCTION 06/17/2011 NaN


*B-ADD CONSTRUCT 40' X 34' 2ND FLOOR OFFICE SPACE ADDITION TO EXISTING OFFICE BUILDING. (DMH#1) INSTALL NEW STAIRWAYS TO 2ND FLOOR FOR RECEPTION, 2 OFFICES, MEETING ROOM AND 3/4 BATHROOM. EXISTING MAIN FLOOR IS HEATED GARAGE AND NEW 1/2 BATH. STRUCTURAL BY ENGINEER OF RECORD. CONST TYPE: V-B OCCUPANCY: B 2006 IBC OCCUPANT LOAD: 14 NUMBER OF STORIES: 2 (new 2nd floor level) 1 HR RATED EXT. EAST WALL AND PARAPET UL-U356. NO OPENINGS. SPRINKLERED: NO FIRE ALARM: NO PUBLIC WORKS APPROVAL #8228 BUILDING NAME/TENANT: VAITH OFFICE BUILDING BUILDING DIMENSIONS: APPROX 40' X 34' SAC: NONE (LESS THAN 2,400 S.F ADDITION) ENGINEER: PAUL VOIGT, P.E#20706 All roof drains, area drains, or other stormwater or clearwater connections to the City's sanitary sewer system must be disconnected per Chapter 56 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances. Contact Arvella Greenway at 612 673 5899 if you questions. SEPARATE PERMITS ARE REQUIRED FOR ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING, AND HEATING/AIR CONDITIONING/VENTILATION WORK. Work completed or omitted in violation of the building code shall be corrected as directed by the building inspector. Certified truss diagrams must be available to inspector in field. Required Inspections: Footing and foundation before placing concrete (If project involves pouring concrete); under floor and slab after all in-slab and underfloor items are in place; structural framing after all mechanical rough-ins are approved; insulation and vapor barrier prior to concealment; final inspection after all work completed.  

Inspection Dates Inspection Type Result
11/3/2009 KIVAInsp  Verbal 
2/9/2010 KIVAInsp  StopMade 
2/25/2010 KIVAInsp  Consult 
4/28/2010 KIVAInsp  IssueOrd 
7/13/2010 KIVAInsp  NotReady 
7/16/2010 KIVAInsp  Pass 
7/27/2010 KIVAInsp  Pass 
8/4/2010 KIVAInsp  Pass 
11/3/2010 KIVAInsp  Pass 
11/23/2010 KIVAInsp  Abate 
1/14/2011 KIVAInsp  Pass 
2/4/2011 KIVAInsp  Pass 
6/17/2011 KIVAInsp  Pass 
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