Property Address: Property ID: 3102923430043
4020 LAKE ST E 55406
Issued Type Permit Status Value Applicant Cleared Total
02/23/2009 Plumbing BLDG494620 Closed   United States Mechanical Inc 05/22/2009 NaN


GAS FIX Gas fixture replace/install - Is this a new install(y/n)?____ - Is this a replacement(y/n)?____ - Fireplace(y/n)?___ - Stove(y/n)?____ - Dryer(y/n)?____ - Water Heater(y/n)?_Y_ 40,000 BTU's_ - Gas grill(y/n)?____ - Other: describe below Carbon monoxide detectors are required in dwelling units in accordance with Minnesota Statute 299F.50. Please refer to the following website for additional information.  

Inspection Dates Inspection Type Result
4/6/2009 KIVAInsp  CGI 
5/22/2009 KIVAInsp  Pass 
Fee Code Description Amount
-- No Permit Fee found for this permit --
Total: $0.00