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701 4TH St S 55415
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02/22/2012 Plumbing BLDG537196 Closed   PIPELINE INDUSTRIES 03/06/2012 NaN


PLUM FIX Specify the type of fixtures by entering the quantity in the list below: Water Closets____ Urinals_____ Bath Tubs____ Basins___1_ Sinks_____ Wash Trays_____ Showers_____ Floor Drains____ Extensions_____ Misc Fixtures____ Electric Water Heaters_____ Other: Specify below 5' water piping Properly plug the unused plumbing openings at the nearest live main or branch on the waste and vent system. Cement is not an acceptable method of disconnect. Approved plumbing materials must be used. Dead ends are not permitted except where necessary to extend piping for a cleanout so as to be accessible. The work must be done by a licensed plumbing contractor in which a permit and inspection is required before concealing. Carbon monoxide detectors are required in dwelling units in accordance with Minnesota Statute 299F.50. Please refer to the following website for additional information. Plans approved by both the State of Minnesota Department of Health and the Department of Labor and Industry are required to be on site for all plumbing work conducted in hospitals, nursing homes, supervised living facilities, outpatient surgical centers, boarding care homes, and residential hospice facilities.  

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3/6/2012 KIVAInsp  NotReady 
3/6/2012 KIVAInsp  Pass 
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