Property Address: Property ID: 1602924120154
2400 GIRARD AVE N 55411
Issued Type Permit Status Value Applicant Cleared Total
08/18/1999 Res BLDG70595 Closed 2500000.0000  THOR CONST INC 07/31/2001 NaN


ADDITION Addition to existing school for E3 and B Occupancy. (NELC Neighborhood Early Learning Center) Existing building: Construction Type II 1-hour. Addition: Type II-N. Architect: #21322. Structural Engineer: #21785. No Certificate of Occupancy required. Nine (9) SAC charges. HEALTH DEPARTMENT REVIEW REQUIRED FOR KITCHEN. One-hour rating required between stair enclosure and storage below. Door A130A required to be 60 minute rated. Dampers missing on Mech drawings. Provide code-compliant accessible curb ramps from accessible parking stalls to sidewalks. Verify that EWC/DF specified do not protrude. gm9001  

Inspection Dates Inspection Type Result
9/15/1999 KIVAInsp  Pass 
9/20/1999 KIVAInsp  StopMade 
9/27/1999 KIVAInsp  PartPass 
12/7/1999 KIVAInsp  Pass 
1/14/2000 KIVAInsp  StopMade 
4/7/2000 KIVAInsp  StopMade 
10/3/2000 KIVAInsp  Pass 
10/26/2000 KIVAInsp  Pass 
1/16/2001 KIVAInsp  Pass 
7/23/2001 KIVAInsp  Pass 
Fee Code Description Amount
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