Property Address: Property ID: 2102824420022
5912 GIRARD AVE S 55419
Issued Type Permit Status Value Applicant Cleared Total
03/08/2017 Res BLDG77809 Closed 636758.0000  LAKE COUNTRY BUILDERS LTD 05/12/2020 $13,542.42


NEW SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING ON UNDEVELOPED LOT WITH ATTACHED GARAGE. HELICAL PIER FOUNDATON* *ENGINEER JERRY PALMS #19033 STRUCTURAL DESIGN **MINNEHAHA WATERSHED DISTRICT DESIGNED LANDSCAPING. BUILD NEW SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING ON UNDEVELOPED LOT WITH ATTACHED GARAGE (kas#1) HELICAL PIER FOUNDATION per ENGINEER : JERRY PALMS #19033 SPECIAL INSPECTION WILL BE REQUIRED FOR FOUNDATION: THE STRUCTURAL ENGINEER OF RECORD SHALL REVIEW SPECIAL TESTING AND INSPECTION RESULTS AS WELL AS PROVIDE SUFFICIENT PERIODIC INSPECTION TO SUBMIT FINAL LETTER NOTING THAT THE CONSTRUCTION HAS BEEN COMPLETED PER THE INTENT OF THE PLANS AND SPECS. ###3/28/2017 REVISION I : REVISED STRUCTURAL PER SHEET S1.2 NOMENCLATURE; ADD RADIENT HEAT IN CONC.SLAB; REMOVE SCREEN PORCH; REVISE WINDOW SCHEDULE #### PROTECTION OF ADJOINING PROPERTY: APPLICANT IS REQUIRED TO TAKE MEASURES TO ENSURE EXCAVATION DOES NOT CAUSE DAMAGE TO ADJOINING PROPERTY WITH SHORING OR OTHER METHODS THAT EMPLOY BEST PRACTICES. Shoring is required to be installed whenever the 1:1 slope (excavation depth : dimension of edge of excavation to property line) is exceeded, or when unstable soils or other hazards are observed. PROVIDE PROPER ADDRESS NUMBERING, NOT LESS THAN FOUR (4) INCHES IN HEIGHT, IN A POSITION EASILY OBSERVED FROM THE STREET AND/OR ALLEY PER MPLS CODE OF ORDINANCES CHAPTER 435. SEPARATE PERMITS ARE REQUIRED FOR ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING, AND HEATING/AIR CONDITIONING/VENTILATION WORK. CARBON MONOXIDE ALARMS REQUIRED IN ACCORDANCE WITH MN. STAT. 299F.50 Contact Gopher State One Call prior to digging footings and foundations (651) 454-0002. Work completed or omitted in violation of the building code shall be corrected as directed by the building inspector. All exterior work to be completed within one year of permit issuance on garages and One and Two family dwelling units per Minneapolis City Ordinance Section 89.165. Certified truss diagrams must be available to inspector in field. Required Inspections: 1. Footing inspection: (if project involves pouring concrete) after excavations for footings are complete and any required reinforcing steel is in place --PROPERTY STAKES MUST BE MARKED AND IDENTIFIED--; 2. Foundations: (1 - poured walls) after all forms, required reinforcing and bracing are in place (2 - prior to backfill) including dampproofing/waterproofing as well as exterior insulation (if used); 3. Under floor and slab: after all in-slab and under floor items are in place; 4. Framing and Masonry: after all plumbing, mechanical and electrical rough-ins are approved and after all firestopping, draftstopping and bracing are in place; 5. Insulation and vapor barrier prior to concealment; 6. Gypsum board - before taped (inspection only required if part of a fire-rated and/or shear assembly) 7. Final inspection: after all work is completed 

Inspection Dates Inspection Type Result
4/11/2017 Footing  Pass 
4/13/2017 Foundation  Pass 
4/24/2017 JobStatus  Complete 
5/30/2017 Footing  PartPass 
6/23/2017 I-4DU  PartPass 
9/13/2017 I-4DU  PartPass 
10/17/2017 Framing  PartPass 
10/31/2017 Framing  PartPass 
12/20/2017 I-4DU  Pass 
12/20/2017 ZoneFrame  Pass 
3/15/2018 DrainTile  Pass 
3/15/2018 ExFinish  PartPass 
3/15/2018 FndnPreBf  Pass 
3/15/2018 Insul  Pass 
3/15/2018 Slab  Pass 
3/15/2018 Soil  Pass 
3/15/2018 Footing  Pass 
3/15/2018 Framing  Pass 
3/15/2018 COO  Pass 
3/15/2018 Final  PartPass 
5/9/2018 Block  Pass 
10/30/2018 ZoneFinal  Pass 
5/12/2020 ExFinish  Pass 
5/12/2020 Roofing  Pass 
5/12/2020 Final  Pass 
5/12/2020 COO  Pass 
5/12/2020 Final  Pass 
Fee Code Description Amount
RES-ParkD Park Dedication Fee $1,521.00 
RES-ParkDAdm Park Dedication Admin Fee $76.05 
RES-Permit Permit fee $5,540.60 
RES-Plan Review Plan Review Fee $3,601.39 
RES-SAC SAC Fee $2,485.00 
RES-StateSchg Minnesota State Surcharge $318.38 
Total: $13,542.42