Property Address: Property ID: 0602823320126
3454 33RD AVE S 55406
Issued Type Permit Status Value Applicant Cleared Total
05/05/2017 Res BLDG648217 Closed 165000.0000  CONTRACTOR JCJ CONSTRUCTION INC 12/31/2019 $3,287.96


CONSTRUCT DETACHED 23'3" BY 26'3" WOOD FRAME GARAGE WITH ACCESSORY DWELLING UNIT(ADU) ON 2ND FLOOR. AAJ#1 - INSTALL ADU ABOVE DETACHED GARAGE TO ENCLOSE ONE BEDROOM WITH CLOSET, LIVING ROOM, BATHROOM AND KITCHEN. . ***NOTE: SEE ATTACHED INFORMATION BULLETIN FOR GARAGE WALL PROTECTION AND PORTAL FRAME WALL BRACE AT GARAGE DOOR OPENING PER 2015 MINNESOTA RESIDENTIAL CODE SECTION R602.10.6.3*** ***NOTE: PROVIDE ONE HOUR FIRE RESISTANCE BETWEEN GARAGE CEILING/ADU FLOOR ASSEMBLY. ALSO, PROVIDE ONE HOUR FIRE RESISTANCE BETWEEN GARAGE AREA AND STAIRWAY ENCLOSURE AND MIN. 20 MINUTES FIRE RATED DOOR PER 2015 MINNESOTA RESIDENTIAL CODE SECTION R302.5, R302.6, TABLE R302.6 AND R302.7 ***NOTE: STRUCTURAL ENGINEER OF RECORD IS ERIC M. BUNKERS, P.E.# 26490*** ENGINEER OF RECORD IS TO MAKE PERIODIC SITE INSPECTIONS AND UPON COMPLETION OF WORK. SUBMIT A LETTER TO CITY OF MINNEAPOLIS - CPED CONSTRUCTION CODE SERVICE DEPARTMENT, STATING WORK HAS BEEN COMPLETED TO SPECIFICATIONS BASED ON HIS DESIGN INTENT. SEE PLAN FOR DETAIL SCOPE OF WORK TO BE DONE AS WELL AS PLAN REVIEW COMMENTS. GENERAL COMMENTS: APPLICANT MUST LOCATE AND IDENTIFY THE PROPERTY STAKES AND CALL FOR INSPECTION FOR BUILDING INSPECTOR VERIFICATION BEFORE CONCRETE IS POURED. APPROVED SITE PLAN AND PERMIT MUST BE ON SITE BEFORE INSPECTIONS WILL BE PROVIDED. SEPARATE ELECTRICAL AND MECHANICAL SEPARATE PERMITS ARE REQUIRED FOR ELECTRICAL AND MECHANICAL WORK. FIRE RATING: Walls, soffits, and fascia closer than 5 feet to property lines must be protected on the interior and exterior face with 5/8" exterior gypsum sheathing, stucco or other approved materials for fire resistance. This requirement does not apply to the wall facing a city alley. EAVES AT COMMON PROPERTY LINES: Where exterior walls are approved at a setback of 2 feet or less from a property line, eaves of not more than 4" are permitted. EAVES ALONG ALLEY PROPERTY LINE: Eaves along alley are not to be closer than 6" to alley right-of way (property stake) OPENINGS: (windows, etc.) are not permitted in walls closer than 3 feet to property lines (except city alley side). SITE SHALL BE GRADED SO AS NOT TO CAUSE STORMWATER TO DRAIN ONTO ADJACENT PROPERTIES. 12 ft. maximum average roof height (unless specifically approved by zoning office). Anchor bolts must be within 12 in. of each end of each piece of plate and 6 ft. on center maximum. Truss diagrams must be available to inspector in field. Work completed or omitted in violation of the building code shall be corrected as directed by the building inspector. Required Inspections: 1. Footing inspection: after excavations for footings are complete and any required reinforcing steel is in place --PROPERTY STAKES MUST BE MARKED AND IDENTIFIED--; 2. Foundations: (1 - poured walls) after all forms, required reinforcing and bracing are in place (2 - prior to backfill) including dampproofing/waterproofing as well as exterior insulation (if used); 3. Under floor and slab: after all in-slab and under floor items are in place; 4. Framing and Masonry: after all plumbing, mechanical and electrical rough-ins are approved and after all firestopping, draftstopping and bracing are in place; 5. Insulation and vapor barrier prior to concealment; 6. Gypsum board - before taped (inspection only required if part of a fire-rated and/or shear assembly) 7. Final inspection: after all work is completed 

Inspection Dates Inspection Type Result
5/23/2017 Footing  Pass 
6/2/2017 FndnPreBf  Pass 
7/3/2017 ZoneFinal  NotNeeded 
7/3/2017 ZoneFrame  NotNeeded 
7/24/2017 Framing  PartPass 
8/4/2017 Footing  Pass 
9/11/2017 Framing  Pass 
9/14/2017 Insul  Fail 
9/15/2017 Insul  Pass 
9/19/2017 RtdAssmb  PartPass 
12/31/2019 Block  NotNeeded 
12/31/2019 DrainTile  NotNeeded 
12/31/2019 ExFinish  NotNeeded 
12/31/2019 Foundation  NotNeeded 
12/31/2019 Roofing  NotNeeded 
12/31/2019 Slab  NotNeeded 
12/31/2019 RtdAssmb  NotNeeded 
12/31/2019 Soil  NotNeeded 
12/31/2019 Final  Pass 
Fee Code Description Amount
RES-ParkD Park Dedication Fee $0.00 
RES-ParkDAdm Park Dedication Admin Fee $0.00 
RES-Permit Permit fee $1,942.70 
RES-Plan Review Plan Review Fee $1,262.76 
RES-StateSchg Minnesota State Surcharge $82.50 
Total: $3,287.96