Property Address: Property ID: 2202924440094
Issued Type Permit Status Value Applicant Cleared Total
11/03/2017 Commercial BLDG676907 Closed 570000.0000  CROWE CONSTRUCTION 03/14/2019 $8,686.31


REFRESH/REMODEL TO EXISTING MAIN FLOOR LOBBY OF APT UNIT BUILDING. SELECT DEMO OF WALLS AND DEMO OF FINISHES. (DMH#1) NEW PARITION WALLS FOR 2 SINGLE USER ADA RESTROOMS AND SMALL BREAKROOM BEHIND RECEPTION, NEW SMALL CONFERENCE ROOM AND 3 SMALL WORK STATION BOOTHS. INSTALL NEW DOORS FOR ELEVATOR LOBBY. NEW WALL, FLOOR AND CEILING FINISHES. NO CHANGE IN USE OR EXITING. Const type: I-B Occupancy: R-2/A-2 2015 MSBC occupant load: 200 Lobby space (Archit calc.) sprinklered: YES 20% accessibility upgrades: COMPLIANT Tenant: 4MARQ Floor(s): MAIN FLOOR LOBBY SAC: N/A Architect: NATE ENGER,#47250 (ESG) APPROVED PLANS AND PERMIT MUST BE ON SITE BEFORE INSPECTIONS WILL BE PROVIDED. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PERMIT APPLICANT TO CAUSE THE WORK TO REMAIN ACCESSIBLE AND EXPOSED FOR INSPECTION PURPOSES. THE APPLICANT AUTHORIZED BY PERMIT SHALL NOTIFY THE BUIDING OFFICIAL THAT THE WORK IS READY FOR INSPECTION. MNSBC 1300.0210 WORK COMPLETED OR OMITTED IN VIOLATION OF THE BUILDING CODE SHALL BE CORRECTED AS DIRECTED BY THE BUILDING INSPECTOR. Required Inspections: 1. Footing inspection: after excavations for footings are complete and any required reinforcing steel is in place --; 2. Foundations: (1 - poured walls) after all forms, required reinforcing and bracing are in place 3. Under floor and slab: after all in-slab and under floor items are in place; 4. Framing and Masonry: after all plumbing, mechanical and electrical rough-ins are approved and after all firestopping, draftstopping and bracing are in place; 5. Insulation and vapor barrier prior to concealment; 6. Gypsum board - 7. Final inspection: after all work is completed 

Inspection Dates Inspection Type Result
11/27/2017 Framing  Pass 
3/14/2019 Insul  NotNeeded 
3/14/2019 RtdAssmb  NotNeeded 
3/14/2019 Final  Pass 
Fee Code Description Amount
Commercial Permit Fee $5,091.70 
Commercial Plan Review Fee $3,309.61 
Commercial State Surcharge $285.00 
Total: $8,686.31