Property Address: Property ID: 3602924430060
2610 LAKE ST E 55406
Issued Type Permit Status Value Applicant Cleared Total
12/02/2020 Commercial BLDG856404 Issued 2460000.0000  ENGELSMA CONSTRUCTION N/A $28,207.73


construct one story retail auto parts store. CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY REQUIRED CONST TYPE: 2b NUMBER OF STORIES: 1 OCCUPANCY: m 2020 MSBC SPRINKLERED: YES SPECIAL INSPECTIONS REQUIRED SAC: _0_CHARGES MET COUNCIL LETTER DATED _11/12/20_ ARCHITECT: reiners ENGINEER: krozka CALL BEFORE YOU DIG GOPHER STATE ONE CALL 651 454 0002 IBC 3306.9 - every excavation on a site located 5 feet or less from the street property lot line shall be enclosed with a barrier not less than 6 feet high. When located more than 5 feet from the street lot line, a barrier shall be erected when required by the building official. Barriers shall be of adequate strength to resist wind pressure as specified in chapter 16. 

Inspection Dates Inspection Type Result
1/14/2021 Footing  PartPass 
1/29/2021 Footing  Pass 
2/24/2021 Footing  Pass 
4/30/2021 Insulation  Fail 
5/11/2021 Framing  Pass 
5/11/2021 Insulation  Pass 
7/7/2021 JobStatus  Complete 
7/16/2021 FndnPreBf  NotNeeded 
7/16/2021 Foundation  NotNeeded 
7/16/2021 Insulation  NotNeeded 
7/16/2021 RtdAssmb  NotNeeded 
7/16/2021 ExWthrBr  PartPass 
Fee Code Description Amount
Commercial Permit Fee $16,466.50 
Commercial Plan Review Fee $10,703.23 
Commercial SAC Full Rate $0.00 
Commercial State Surcharge $1,038.00 
Total: $28,207.73