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This directory includes City of Minneapolis departments and services as well as frequently requested contact information for our government partners.

For best results, try the name of the department or service first. If you're looking for "Plumbing Inspections", type the entire phrase rather than just "inspections."

At the end of October 2021 the City Services Directory will be removed from CityTalk
The directory is being replaced with “Contact us” details at the bottom of our public web pages. 311 will maintain additional contact information for 311 agents.

Search our public website for the information you are looking for.

Contact information and 311 help is provided on the bottom of each webpage
The City’s public website also includes the “Report an issue” page which is easy to find at the top and bottom of each page on our site. The page offers residents, businesses and visitors a way to contact City staff to report an issue so staff can follow through for resolution.

Contact 311 for help
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Call 3∙1∙1 weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
If you are outside Minneapolis city limits or are unable to dial 311, call (612) 673-3000. TTY/TDD customers please dial (612) 673-2157.

Information Quality Disclaimer
We're committed to maintaining accuracy of the directory information; however, phone numbers, e-mail and web site addresses are dynamic and can change frequently. If you encounter a problem, please let us know.