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Airport Police311
Bike Center(612) 673-2932details
Coroner(612) 215-6300details
Medical Examiner(612) 215-6300details
Metro Transit Police(612) 349-7200details
Minneapolis Park Police Administrative Office - Non Emergency(612) 230-6550details
Minneapolis Police Museum(612) 673-5703details
Minneapolis Veterans Medical Center Police(612) 725-2007
Office of Police Conduct Review(612) 673-5500details
Park Police(612) 230-6550details
Police Academy-Citizens'(612) 673-3420details
Police Academy-Recruit(612) 673-2937details
Police Accident Records - Traffic(612) 673-2961details
Police Activities League (PAL)(612) 673-3447details
Police Administration(612) 673-3000details
Police Band(612) 673-5717details
Police Bicycle Warehouse(612) 673-2932details
Police Block Clubs(612) 673-3447details
Police Bureau Chiefs(612) 673-3000details
Police Canine Unit(612) 673-5940details
Police Chaplain Corps(612) 673-3000details
Police Character Clearance Letters(612) 673-2808details
Police Community Outreachdetails
Police Complaints(612) 673-3074details
Police Court Liaison(612) 673-3413details
Police Crime Alerts (PAL)(612) 673-3447details
Police Crime Lab Unit(612) 673-3073details
Police Crime Prevention Operations(612) 673-3000details
Police Crime Prevention Resources(612) 673-3447details
Police Dispatch(612) 348-2345details
Police Emergency Communications & Technology(612) 673-5902details
Police Family Violence & Adult Welfare(612) 673-3072details
Police Family Violence Unit(612) 673-3072details
Police Federation(612) 788-8444details
Police Fraud & Forgery Unit(612) 673-3000details
Police Graffiti Reporting(612) 673-3000details
Police Gun Permits(612) 673-3002details
Police Internal Affairs Division(612) 673-3074details
Police Investigations(612) 673-2941details
Police Job Opportunities(612) 673-3369details
Police Juvenile Trafficking Unit(612) 673-3926details
Police Juvenile Unit(612) 673-2921
Police License Investigation (regulatory businesses)(612) 673-3002details
Police Mediation Compliance Unit(612) 673-2769details
Police Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights(612) 673-3074details
Police Minneapolis Park Police(612) 230-6550details
Police Minnesota Police & Peace Officers Association(651) 291-1119details
Police Mounted Patrol(612) 673-3944details
Police National Night Out(612) 673-3000details
Police Non-Emergency(612) 348-2345details
Police Officer Standards & Training (POST) Board(651) 643-3060details
Police Online Police Reports(612) 673-3000details
Police Precinct 1(612) 673-5701details
Police Precinct 1 - Community Crime Prevention(612) 673-2923details
Police Precinct 1 - Community Response Team(612) 673-2880details
Police Precinct 1 - Investigations(612) 673-2948details
Police Precinct 2(612) 673-5702details
Police Precinct 2 - Community Response Team(612) 673-5782details
Police Precinct 2 - East Hennepin Substation(612) 673-3000details
Police Precinct 2 - Investigations(612) 673-5712details
Police Precinct 2 - Patrol(612) 673-5702details
Police Precinct 3(612) 673-5703details
Police Precinct 4(612) 673-5704details
Police Precinct 4 - Broadway Safety Center311details
Police Precinct 4 - Community Response Team(612) 673-5707details
Police Precinct 5(612) 673-5705details
Police Precinct 5 - Community Response Team(612) 673-5716details
Police Precinct 5 - Investigations(612) 673-5715details
Police Predatory Offender Registration(612) 673-3767details
Police Property and Evidence Unit(612) 673-2932details
Police Public Housing Unit(612) 342-1306details
Police Records(612) 673-2961details
Police Reporting a Crime(612) 673-3000details
Police Reports(612) 673-2961details
Police Reserve311details
Police Reserve(612) 673-3000details
Police Robbery/Assault Unit(612) 673-2941details
Police Sex Crimes Unit(612) 673-3081details
Police Special Events(612) 673-3942details
Police Statistics (Crime)(612) 673-3000details
Police Strategic Information and Crime Management Office (SICM)311details
Police Traffic Accident Investigation(612) 673-2981details
Police Training Unit(612) 673-2937details
Police University of Minnesota Police Department(612) 624-2677details
Police Volunteer Opportunities(612) 673-3000details
Royalston Maintenance Facility/Police Garage(612) 673-5677details
U of M Police311
Union (Police Officers Federation)(612) 788-8444details